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We establish an agreement to these terms. Please read this agreement carefully and with complete attention. When you purchase from buyfollowersmalasia.com, you have to accept and agree to all the terms and conditions that we mentioned below.

Public Instagram Profiles

Create the Instagram profile public prior to placing an order. We are not able to provide services to customers who have accounts that are private Instagram profiles. In this scenario the customer will not be qualified for a refund or chargeback. The customer will need to publish their information in order to avail the service instead of making an claim. Please help us with this case


The agreement was updated last week on August 25, 2020. If you cannot acknowledge and agree to the terms and services for buyfollowersmalaysia.com, then do not accept and register. If there are further modifications, they can be added into the agreement.


We will not allow uploads of images that are inappropriate or in violation of Instagram’s guidelines on community, which includes unlawful things, nudity and hate speech, as well as fraud or any other form of violence. Our services are only utilized to promote Instagram’s Instagram account or photos. We are only accountable for interactions that occur during the process. We cannot guarantee any kind of engagement for your next posts from your newly added followers.


You agree that while purchasing from buyfollowersmalaysia.com, you will not cause any disputes via bank, PayPal, or credit card. If you try to cause any dispute or file any transaction/chargeback, we will ban your Instagram username or IP address and remove all the followers/likes you purchased from us.


Buyfollowers Malaysia does not permit users to copy images or text, or any other content from its website without permission and consent.

Governing Law

Use of this website and any dispute arising out of its use are subject to the laws of the Latvia. Any legal action or proceedings related to or arising out of this terms and conditions shall be settled in the courts and/or tribunals in the Latvia.

Confidential information

The information you provide to the website in the course of the transaction will be considered non-confidential. The information you provide can only be utilized to give you the products and services you’ve purchased.


You are be bound by the terms of the contract without assuming any responsibility for any loss, damages, or damage. The services we offer are purchased on your own responsibility and we will not be held responsible for any issues.

Age limit

You must be older than 13 years old in order to sign our terms of service and to purchase our products and services.

Refund and money-back policy

You can reach our support staff if you need to request a refund. Refunds are only granted in the event of a genuine and serious problem. Additional information is available on the page for refund policies.


* We are not accountable for any damage or loss that might happen.We strive to ensure that we deliver our services to our customers in time. In the event that our system encounters any issues our delivery process might take a while.

You must acknowledge and accept all conditions and terms before you purchase our products. You can be assured that we will satisfy you and do our best to keep the highest quality.