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Process to buy real followers!

Everyone wants to be big on social media with little effort and we get it. BuyFollowersMalaysia has made it effortless to boost your momentum. We deliver real followers, views and likes within 3 simple steps to push your brand above the rest.

Select the package that suits your needs

Among the multitude of packages we offer. We are waiting for you to pick up the most suitable for your IG page. We've designed our packages aiming to give the best value when someone looks to buy quality service on Instagram.
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Where should we send your followers?

All of our orders have to go somewhere! And that's the Instagram link you put in our information forum during checkout. Unlike malicious websites with designs straight out of the 90s, we never ask for your account's password.
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Keep climbing higher & higher

So you have made payments? Now you'll see your Instagram getting viral among the needed folks. Your username & contact information are all we need to get your order underway. Happy Shopping Malaysia!

How buying Instagram followers works?

BuyFollowersMalaysia kick-starts your social presence with the help of the world's #1 social marketing team that needs no time to proceed. With our safe & secure procedure, you can become an Instagram star or skyrocket your Insta business. We are not claiming that our profiles are "real looking." They are real. Unlike others, BuyFollowersMalaysia doesn't pull your legs and sets you on the fence in waiting for your purchased service. We’re just lightning-fast; as soon as you place your first order, we boost your account with our unique social campaigns. Our foremost priority is to serve every client with satisfied services in all aspects. Each follower, like, or view we provide is authentic and hand-approved by our professional SMM marketers. We don't send anyone and anyone to follow your page. We use certain strict criteria.

  • Your profile is advertised to a relevant Malaysian(Chinese) Audience.
  • We can drip feed your followers according to your current follower count for making the look more realistic.
  • The followers provided by us will never drop, they stays till the end of time.
  • Our promoted account will show to audience only one time. There’s no forcing strategy in our plans to get follow your page.

So, jump on the bandwagon and grab our easy to pick packages for Instagram growth. 

Why you should buy Instagram followers from Malaysia?

Remember that growing on IG isn't a walk in the park. Followers are important as they are the direct ticket for the Instagram Explorer feed. Plus, well-crafted photos are better than merged poor posts. Getting noticed and finding new customers is tricky when you don't have the right followers. And to initiate, every business needs investment, so buying followers is a worthy investment for marketing. Therefore, play your card wisely and buy Instagram followers from Malaysia to expand your visibility to your targeted people.

Furthermore, prove your page is dependable, trustworthy, and influential so it can bring you money in the future. Innumerable Instagrammers started their career by getting followers from social agencies and are now earning thousands of USD through sponsorships and selling products. So, don't think too much and choose the right track for pushing your brand further.

Your BuyFollowersMalaysia is live 24/7 to hear your concerns. There's no guesswork involved.

How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers?

Before you came here, chances are you’ve seen a lot of promises of providing high-quality followers at the lowest prices and whatever, which is not more than a beautiful lie. In 2024, you can get 1000 followers for $2. But what do you get? The truth that matters a lot is you’ll get accounts following you totally managed by programmed bots, or, worst case, it can be a shadow ban from Instagram. Since 2015, we have offered a platform where you can buy engaging Instagram followers for as little as $3.50 per 100 followers. We aim to offer fair prices for an unfair edge over your competitors. Enthusiasts from Malaysia found us useful while searching for the best site to buy cheap Instagram followers. According to marketing Gurus, purchasing real followers on Instagram is a worthwhile practice for both beginners and established influencers. Genuine Instagram followers actually engage with your posts regularly and enhance your engagement rate more organically and steadily.

We know we could make more money if we cut corners. But we don't because we promise to deliver you each and every follower for which you pay. 

Things to know before buying Instagram followers Malaysia

Don't get played by any fake website and must ask these following questions before purchase.

Is buying Instagram followers a safe procedure?

It’s a safe procedure only if done correctly; otherwise, disappointments cannot be avoided. There’s a chance of account harm if you buy bots or fake followers from defaulter’s sites. But if you are buying real & engaging Instagram followers from reputed service providers, you don’t need to be scared. BuyFollowersMalaysia really cares for Instagram terms and services and never breaches their policies. Plus, by respecting the client’s privacy, we have launched a risk-free way to grow your Instagram audience with quality users. 

Are the followers Malaysian?

We believe in user-oriented supremacy. Therefore, we have set up a server serving the Malaysians with followers from their country. You can bring more and more Malaysian traffic towards the targeted account, which ultimately multiplies your sale rate. Moreover, you can also get global traffic to your business page.

Do influencers buy Instagram followers?

Many of you wonder why influencers would buy Instagram followers. Let us disclose the reason here. As you know, each and every business and field of life is full of enemies(opponents).
Every person tries to do more than others. Therefore, when it comes to influencers, the formula is totally the same. Influencers buy Instagram followers to stand out at the top against their social competitors, as the largest number of followers is the thing that helps you perceive yourself better than other competitors.
So, it’s a common practice for influencers to purchase real followers.

What will I need to do after payment?

Your Instagram account is Public? If not, then please do it! All you need to do is that!

What is drop protection or refill guarantee?

Refill refers to the term; if any of the purchased followers dropped, you’ll get a free replacement for that follower. Notify us through WhatsApp or Mail; we’ll cover you within an hour.

Does buying followers actually work?

Why not? Numerous Instagrammers started a brand account from scratch and made a better first impression by purchasing Instagram followers. Let’s take it to yourself: If you see a highly-growing Instagram profile you have never heard of, will you pay attention to it? You probably will – because Instagram is a social network, after all.
Hence, a bit of investment in acquiring followers will show you the substantial worth of it. Plenty of influencers consider this act most viable for highlighting their profiles as a pro.

Can I buy real Instagram followers?

Apart from all the rumors, we offer an open platform where you can grow up as an Instagram model, celebrity, or influencer. Yes! You can buy real Instagram followers in Malaysia.

There’s no ideal number of followers to buy for a specific account without analyzing your niche and competition. If you are a regular Instagram user, maybe followers would be enough. Or, if you aim to grow your handle as an influencer, go for our 25k followers plan.
Again, it depends on your niche and interest.

What are the cities I can target to get followers?

A good news is that now you can target 30 cities of Malaysia to get followers from. Here’s the list:

Alor Setar, Bagan Serai, Bahau, Banting, Batu Arang, Batu Pahat, Bedong, Bukit Mertajam, Butterworth. 

Cheras, Cyberjaya, Dengkil, Gelang Patah, Ipoh. 

Jenjarom, Johor Bahru,  Kepong, Klang.  Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Selangor. 

 Kuantan, Kuching, Kulai, Lahad Datu, Lumut, Malacca City. 

Mentakab, Muar, Nibong Tebal, Pekan.

Is BuyFollowersMalaysia legit?

Mashable says, “BuyFollowersMalaysia is the most legit site to buy Malaysian Instagram followers safely.” Our round-the-clock working team deserves to be called the most trusted staff in Malaysia. We typically reply in no time and help you buy the most economical followers for your Instagram handle.

More Questions?

Feel free to CONTACT US.

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We designed BuyFollowersMalaysia with simplicity in mind. In other words, we got transparent followers' prices and exciting discount offers in the market. Unlike other brands in the bulletin, we use verified users to add up Instagram services, which means no practical risk out there. It's not rocket science if your account is seen by enough people and they follow you. BuyFollowersMalaysia treats you like an equal - not a "customer." We also have the expertise to strengthen your business to compete with prominent brands in the relevant industries. So, turbocharge your brand exposure by buying social media services here.

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Refill Guarantee

First of all, we deliver High-quality, unique services to our customers, but if any of the followers or likes drop down from the user's account. We provide a free refill guarantee to our respected customers.
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We work to facilitate our customers with the most satisfying services. In case, if we failed to assist as promised. We are here to refund all the money! Simply leave us a Hello on WhatsApp or Email, we'll be at your service.
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Our Unique Campaigns Help Your Business Grow

For each and every client we take on, we set up a personalized marketing campaign to grow their account. Our experienced staff takes no time to boost you like a public figure. Everybody knows that humans are social animals and have been addicted to social fame for years. Several people waste their precious time following sticky social strategies to get fame that's not very worthy now. For this reason, BuyFollowersMalaysia is live to save you time and respect brands and general profiles on an instant basis. 

In 2024, you can gain a strong business reputation with an investment that is less than the cost of your favorite coffee. Yep, it's that cheap! Whether you want to buy Malaysian Instagram followerslikes, or views, you can be sure you will get a 100% pure outcome here. If you are not happy with the outcome you received, don't hesitate. Our customer care team is available to find the most suitable way to remedy the solution. 


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Rayyan @rayyan

I tried to buy genuine Malaysian Instagram followers from many social sites but this company sends real followers with Instant delivery. I Really like their friendly chat support method. More Love for them!

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It was out of my expectations, how amazingly deals and Support my need. I bought 10k Instagram Followers and now these followers are helping me a lot to get more sales of my brand. Thank You

Zikri Ahmad @ZikriAhmad

My order had glitch and I was not getting my services instantly. I made them inform about my issue and after 2 to 3 minutes I start getting my followers. I'm gonna buy another deal. Hurray!

Jasica @jasica

Received the followers about 20% of the followers immediately after the first hour of order. Then received the rest gradually over the next couple of hours. Very happy with the service and the followers haven't dropped unlike other services. Thanks!

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